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December 15th,2023

Well here at River it is all about Giving Back to our Community!!!
This year we are pleased to announce A NEW and IMPROVED program to help families in need with CHRISTMAS.  Introducing: TOYS FOR JOY. This year’s newly designed program will provide each child with at least THREE Gifts for Christmas. What makes this program Extra Special is PARENTS will SHOP for new Christmas items for their children.
We expect to serve around 100 kids this Christmas Season, that is at least 300 toys.

How can you help, you may ask???
1. Give/Sponsor a Gift: Any sized monetary donation is appreciated. Donations excepted until December 10th, 2023.  
2. Purchase a Gift: We have created an Amazon Wishlist. Click the link to purchase items. WISHLIST (Will be updated closer to event)
3. Gift Donation/Gift Tag: We will still have available in the back of the sanctuary our traditional Blessing Tree, tags will just look a little different than in prior years.  Gifts must be returned by December 10th, 2023.
4. Spread the Word: Know of a Family in Need?   Send them to River of Life, Tuesdays through Friday 9am to 4pm to sign up Or Families may sign up during Saturday and Sunday services at the Welcome Center.  Sign ups can be done starting November 18th, 2023 and the last day to sign up will be December 6th, 2023.

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