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This affordable conference will inspire you and your team to put faith into action by reaching outside the walls of your church buildings. Find the heart behind what River of Life does and how to get your church to dream about new ways to reach your community. Full conference includes continental breakfast, catered lunch, and three sessions of your choice.


River of Life

4007 MT Hwy 200 E

Missoula, MT 59802


Registration Deadline: OCTOBER 4, 2023



$30.00 Per Person • Full Conference

$120.00 Group of 5 • Full Conference




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Staying Healthy While Serving

What is the key to staying healthy while serving? Chaplain Jason Johnson takes a look at what a balanced life looks like while serving and how we achieve it.


Non-traditional Outreach

Let’s think outside the box! Join us to hear about some outside the box outreaches, how they got started, and how they meet practical needs in non-traditional ways.

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Youth Outreach

Join Youth for Christ staff to learn ways to specifically reach the youth in our community. Often finding ways to reach the unchurched youth, Youth for Christ has a long history of making a Kingdom impact in Missoula.

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Evangelism & Outreach

Evangelism and outreach go hand in hand. Join Pastor Linda Monaghan to learn how you can infuse your outreach programs to be more gospel focused.


Find A Need & Fill It

What does it mean to “Find A Need & Fill It”? Pastor Angela Johnson will take you through practical steps to help identify the needs right our community and how we can fill those needs with the available resources.

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Serve Montana

Pastor Angela Johnson, Pastor Linda Monaghan, and Outreach Director Lara Wildeboer present a unique opportunity for the Church to come together to serve our communities with the love of Jesus. Come learn how your church can be a part of this incredible event.

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Panel Discussion

We will host a live panel discussion that will give you the opportunity to ask questions about outreach from some of our speakers.

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Working with Schools

School and church partnerships can sometimes be a challenge. Outreach Director Lara Wildeboer and Pastor Angela Johnson will present some unique ways to serve our local schools.


Para Church & Church Partnership

Church and parachurch partnerships can be a great way to get your congregation outside of the walls. Pastor Jason Tonn and Jamie Rindal Executive Director of Adult & Teen Challenge Missoula Campus talk about how the church and parachurch organizations can develop a mutually beneficial relationship. 

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