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Discover Your Community at River of Life

Church is not a club house for christians,
it is a hospital for the hurting.

At River of Life we are imperfect people who serve a perfect savior.  We despise religion, but preach that relationships with Christ and others are what life is really all about.  Life is a journey and we realize only one person has lived a perfect life throughout all of history.  We're not called to be perfect, but our journey compels us to be as much like Christ as we possibly can.
At River of life Church, we are dedicated to fostering a community rooted in faith and open arms.  With three campuses to serve you world wide, we are committed to being a spiritual home that welcomes eveyone from lifelong believers to those who are taking their first steps toward faith.

Get Involved
Looking to get more involved?  At River of Life we believe in being the hands and feet of Jesus right here in our commuity.  Here is how you can join us in making a difference.:
Volunteer Opportunities: Explore ways you can serve the community alongside us.

Connect Groups: Conntect deeper with peers through shared interests and stages of life

Events and Outreach: Be a part of our various events throughout the year that reach out and serve our wider community.

Stay Connected
Keep up to date with the latest events and update at River of Life:
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You Belong Here.  Whether you're exploring faith for the first time or lookin g for a new church home, River of Life Church is here for you.  We invite you to visit us and find a welcoming community waiting for you.  To learn more about what each campus click the links below.
River of LIfe Missoula Worship
River of Life Star Valley
Malawi Service
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